Dear Visitor,

Phones, Internet apps, social media, personal technology have all developed rapidly in the past 10 years.  While these technologies undoubtedly have a place in our daily lives, there are also dangers and challenges.  This website has been set up by the RCS Norwich Media Committee with the goal of helping Christian families navigate this ever-changing technology landscape. 

On this website you will find:

  • Information articles raising awareness about concerns with sites, apps, unhealthy usage habits which enable and facilitate sin against God, are not to His glory, and abuse His gifts.
  • Guidelines for approach to technology use, best practices personally and within the family.
  • Links and Reviews of various filters and protection measures available.
  • Instructions on how to implement safeguards like lock down iPhones, or install filters.
  • Announcements of upcoming events or new developments.

We hope and pray this website will serve you in striving to fulfill your responsibilities to your family and use technology to the glory of God.  The committee welcomes your feedback, suggestions and questions.

"Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity and quicken thou me in Thy way."

 Psalm 119:37