Filtering your home internet is an essential step in preventing unwanted material from being accessed by anyone using your home internet. An effective filter should also include some means of providing accountability

Below are a few filtering options:

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is focused on combatting sexually explicit content. A monitoring app is installed on your own device (PC or smart phone), and a second app on a friend’s smart phone. The monitoring app analyzes screen content on a regular interval, and notifies the friend of any potentially explicit content, along with a blurred version of the image. Covenant Eyes also offers filtering, which enforces ‘safe searching’ and blocks any known explicit content – however, it’s important to note that content involving violence, gambling, drugs/alcohol, etc. are not necessarily filtered.

To install the Covenant Eyes on a home PC, sign in to your online account and access the Covenant Eyes ‘Member Portal’. From the menu, select ‘Download’, and then choose your operating system and version.(Windows or Mac). When prompted, click ‘Run’ and follow the prompts. For more detailed instructions, click the link that corresponds to your home PC (links open in a new tab):

Installing Covenant Eyes on a Mac

Installing Covenant Eyes on a Windows PC


Qustodio allows parents to set up filtering based on the type of website, and then choose what happens when a child accesses a site in that category – it can allow access, allow access while alerting the parent, or block it completely. It’s also possible to block specific websites altogether, regardless of the website’s category. Qustodio is available for Windows and Mac computers.

To install Qustodio on a home PC, go to the Qustodio downloads page here: Qustodio Downloads. Choose your operating system and click ‘Download’. Once downloaded, click the file to run the installer and follow the prompts. You will need your Qustodio login information in order to activate protection on the home PC. Detailed instructions are available here (link opens in a new tab):

Installing Qustodio on a Windows PC or Mac