How to secure your Home Internet

There are many reasons to secure your home internet access – for example, to prevent neighbours from accessing your connection. However, it’s equally important to ensure that those who ARE allowed to use your internet are protected as well . There are many ways that home internet access can be secured – most of which is handled by your router.

-Check if your Internet Service Provider offers any form of content filtering or parental controls – this will offer some level of filtering before the data even reaches your home router.

-Change your router’s admin password from the default to a strong one, and ensure that is is only known to the parents.

-Check if your router has Parental Controls – if so, enable them.

-Update your router to use family-friendly DNS servers (these need to be manually entered, usually in an ‘Advanced Settings’ menu)

-Ensure your router’s firewall is turned on

-Ensure all of your home PC’s have up-t0-date Antivirus Software installed